Esther Warnock, LMT

As a graduate of Twin River Therapeutic Massage Academy, Esther is trained in

  • Lomi Lomi: a Hawaiian style of massage.
  • Hot Stone: a style of massage using hot and cold stones for contrast therapy.
  • Swedish Massage:  a smooth, gentle treatment to relieve muscle tension
  • Hydrotherapy: water therapy massage involving ice massage, hot packs friction treatments, wet hot towels, hot rocks, etc.
  • Myofascial Release: a relaxation/ restorative massage

Her favorite style is Swedish for relaxation, which is a smooth, gentle treatment that relieves muscular tension, increases circulation as well as improving brain wave activity, quality of sleep and overall peace of mind.

Esther has a thriving interest in yoga, body work and meditation.  She wants to incorporate a healing, holistic and relaxing approach to treating patients.  She believes this style of massage helps to keep a sound mind and helps us not go overly crazy in this fast-paced world we live in!

For more information about massage and the type of massage Esther performs, click here: Massage Therapy

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