As obesity has become increasingly more common in the U.S. Here at Integrative Health we are focused on providing a medically supervised weight-loss program. Through this specialized program we are able to help patients overcome obesity in a healthy, safe way.

We specialize in fat-burning injections that work well together in order to achieve the best possible results. Our wonderful weight-loss program utilizes compounded Semaglutide along with Lipostat, Vitamin B12, and Holistic supplementation to aid in your weight loss, to help fight insulin resistance and to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We also monitor adrenals and thyroid levels, food allergies and insulin levels as needed.

Medical Visits with Dr. Bailey are necessary to start the program, and every 8 weeks for continued maintenance. Follow-up appointments are included while actively participating in the program.

Once your goal weight is achieved, maintenance protocol is monthly injections for 3-6 months which may vary per patient.

This protocol has been proven safe and effective in the loss of subcutaneous and visceral fat. Although there is a strong likelihood that you may lose weight, results are not guaranteed.

As with any medication there are always things to be concerned about. Patients may experience nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headaches. Please notify the clinic if you are experiencing any of these or other types of symptoms or reactions.